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Thinning hair

lifestyleMany women in the world suffer from thinning hair, which is a natural phenomenon and often increases with advancing age.
There are many reasons for thinning hair in women. Many health conditions like thyroid disease, substantial weight loss or gain, stress, anemia and some infection of the scalp can cause thinning of hair. Hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause are also responsible for thinning hair in women.
Some reasons of hair loss or thinning of hair in women and their remedies are the following:

a. Genetic factor
Genetics factors play a major role in thinning of hair in women in their early twenties and thirties. This genetically induced hair loss is termed as pattern baldness. Unlike men who experience hair loss with receding hairline and gradual loss of hair at the crown, women's hair loss begins by thinning of hair all over their scalp. The thinning hair treatment in such case is done with drugs like minnoxidil and anti-androgens.

b. Stress induced hair loss
Stress results in a high proportion of hair follicles entering the resting stage of hair growth that causes thinning of hair in women. No treatment is required for hair thinning in this case since as soon as the factor causing stress is removed the normal hair growth is resumed.

c. Dietary imbalance or nutritional deficiency
Malnutrition in a woman can direct the growing hair into the resting phase of hair growth to save the proteins from getting depleted. It can lead to a great degree of hair loss or thinning of hair. The hair thinning treatment in such case includes taking of protein supplements.

d. Use of cosmetics
The use of strong shampoos, hair colors and bleaching may have a negative impact on hair and may result in thinning hair in women. In this case it is suggested to use natural hair care products.

e. Major surgery/chronic illness
A major operation or surgery may also result in shedding of hair. The condition reverses itself within a few months. Women with a severe chronic illness may also experience hair loss, which could continue indefinitely.

f. Infectious diseases
Infections such as ringworm can invade the hair and skin of your scalp causing hair loss. Infections of the scalp are treated with antibiotics.

If you are a women suffering from thinning of hair, try to find out the real cause for your hair loss first and then choose a hair thinning treatment which is best for you!

By: Dave Cambel

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Dave Cambel is a natural hair care expert writing mostly on hair thinning treatment
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