Sunday, January 28, 2007

Healthy Skin

A glowing, smooth skin is one of the first things that is noticed in an attractive, well groomed person. But this happens only when you are healthy. For healthy skin, you should have healthy diet, a diet which contains proper amount of minerals, vitamins and proteins.

Diet is not the alone factor, hygiene is also important factor for healthy skin. The most important factor is the cleanliness. Face should be washed regularly with warm water and soap removes oil, sweat, dirt and bacteria.

Plenty of water should be used to rinse away the soap. The oil glands of skin become overactive, clogging the pores with the oil. Blackheads are formed by collection of oil and dirt. It is necessary for oily skin people to wash the face several times a day. Specially designed instrument safely removes stubborn blackheads. An extra shower is advised for persons engaged in sports.

Lack of vitamin A shows blackheads and white heads. You might have the deficiencies from iron, iodine and vitamin B, which plays important role in producing beautiful skin. Vitamin B1 helps in blood circulation and vitamin B2 deficiency can cause brown pigmentation and liner spots on skin. So these vitamin should be taken for healthy skin.

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