Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hair Care

skin_careHair care includes number of things hair type test, the tips you should take for hair care, brushing and combing, shampooing and drying, treating baldness, hair conditioning, dandruff, hair dyes, split ends and hair loss, studying about hair lice and how to treat it, laser hair removal and the electrolysis method taken for hair care.
Hair is the crown of the body. It does not matter how beautiful you are if you neglect your hair.

Good hair care should be started at home. With proper care and attention you can restore its vitality and glossy sheen.

Brush your hair before washing so as to remove the tangles and surface dirt.

Although brushing is less damaging than combing but a soft brush does not cause more damage to hair than a comb. Prolonged brushing can also harm the hair. Back combing also damages the hair. It causes knotting which is very difficult to untangle.

A good comb should always be preferred. A good comb is that which have rounded and not sharp teeth. Brush ends should always be rounded to minimize the mechanical damage to hair. Nylon brushes with spiky ends also damage the hair.

Dandruff is the most common problem. It is an exaggeration of the scaling process by which the skin renews itself. It is just the waste material through the pores of the scalp.

Lice are small insects living in dirty condition in our head. Neglecting the lice in head means neglecting hygiene of head. Head should be kept clean.

Laser is an important source of hair removal. Laser are of four types-ruby, diode, alexandrite and Nd: YAG laser. Laser light destroy hair follicles by thermal, mechanical or photochemical mechanism.

Unwanted hairs can be removed permanently by electrolysis. In this a needle is inserted into hair follicle and an electrical pulse is sent through the needle. If this hair follicle is in the active growth stage at the time of treatment, it will probably not grow again

Baldness is caused due to inadequate nutrition.

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