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Body Care

This section contains information on taking care of various parts of the body.

Pedicure is the care of feet, legs and toe nails. Its purpose is to make the skin soft and smooth. To keep the toe nails clean, well shaped and shiny. To keep the feet clean, fair and in good condition. It improves blood circulation, nourishes the leg skin and foot muscles.

Manicure is the care of hands, nails and arms. The term “manicure” is derived from the Latin word ‘manus’ which means hands.Its main purpose is to keep hands, arms clean and in good condition. It prevents long nail formation. It discourages the wrinkles on the skin on the hand which is the first sin of ageing. It prevents nail damage like fragile tips, splits.

The care should be taken about these useful hands. There are three points which can make our hands beautiful which are soft skin, beautiful nails and pretty fingers. The skin needs to be protected. You should remove all your rings and use warm water and soap to wash you hands. After washing your hands apply a little moisturizing cream on your cream. Immersing your hands in cream for long time should be avoided as it can cause infection of the skin around nails.

Sugar and starch should not be taken as it makes the eyes dull. If the nerves and blood vessels gets disturbed eyes appear be dull and looks tired. The skin surrounding around the eyes is very delicate. After getting up in the morning, splash cold water on your eyes. It improves blood circulation.

Wipe eyes with apple juice as apple juice is rich in pectin which makes the eyes sparkle. Basic eye problem is dark circles.

Care of feet is very necessary. You should follow the general tips to keep your feet neat and clean and free from problems. The common feet problems are calluses, the bad odour from feet, cracks and chilblains.

The skin of knees and elbows are generally devoid of oil glands. That is why it gets dry so fast. Because of this reason elbows and knees get dark. It is a plain grimy from built up dead cells and dirt. They give an ugly light if they are not properly cared.

Lips get dark due to various reasons that is from use of some cheap brand of lipstick, sun exposure, heavy application of lipstick, drinking tea or coffee in excess. The most important cause of dark lips is smoking. It can also be due to allergy and dryness. Vitamins, iron and fresh air keeps the lips red. Carrot and orange juice should be taken for maintaining red lips.

Good nails are also essential in natural beauty. Dry, cracked, bitten off decreases the beauty of hands and feet. Proper diet rich in calcium, protein and vitamins should be taken for proper care of nails. Tomato juice with gelatine gives good nourishment to the nails. Soaking your hands in hot oil for 10 minutes is also effective. The oil used in this can be hot almond oil or baby oil. Rub your nails with lemon juice for beautiful nails and to remove strains.

Fungi and bacteria stay harmlessly on the skin but the overgrowth of harmless type of fungus causes the symptoms of fungal infections. Fungal rashes are common and they are difficult to diagnose. There are various fungal infections which include tinea crusis, tinea versicolor, ringworm

Beauty sleep happens at night when our muscles and digestive system rest and our blood cells do a better job of supplying nutrients to skin cells. Without the sleep, one look older and our skin will look drier. Our skin renews itself as we sleep, that is why too little sleep can make our skin look tired and dull. Sleep renews and refreshes us and is vital for good health and beauty.

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