Monday, January 29, 2007

Anti Aging Tips-2

Anti Aging Tips:
Do Exercise

If exercise is healthy, anti-aging, and helps you lose weight, why don’t people exercise more frequently?
It’s time to be open about your real opinion on exercise. Yes, exercise sucks! Say it. Get that out of your way. Isn’t that why you always quit exercise soon after you started?

Exercise is neither a pain in the butt nor a pleasant activity. It is whatever you decide to make of it.

I'm not in love with exercise, but I've made exercise short and part of my life. That's how I've lost 51 pounds!!

Remember back to when you really got all pumped up for exercise? You enjoyed it for hours at a time. And then for some reason, your will-power just disappeared. Exercise then became something you dread and try hard to avoid.

Some exercise experts claim that “society” is to blame. Your life is built around driving cars, eating on the run, watching TV, sitting for hours in front of your computer and yaddi, yaddi, yadda.

Now ask your self this: who decides how you spend your time? It’s you! So if you choose to be a couch potato, then face the consequences of that.

Or if you want to end your hatred of exercise once and for all.

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